Douglas Cavanaugh is an American expat who has lived in Croatia for nearly thirty years.
He started writing novels in 2003.

“Between 1996-2002, I spent a lot of time waiting in airports and making long distance flights. I began reading spy thrillers and action-adventure novels in transit to help pass the time and was disappointed with many books I’d read which were written by big name authors. I decided to see if I could write a novel as good as those which I'd read, and once started, I never stopped searching for new ideas.”

Completing his first novel, a spy-thriller set in Bosnia and Croatia titled, 'Into Hell’s Fire,’ was a grueling task and was written during his off-time from his regular job. “Once my first book was finished, I doubted I would attempt a second,” he said. But based on that book’s success, a new idea struck him that couldn’t be ignored. “My second novel is a tribute to past experiences of my former life in Iowa,” he said. “I originally thought to write a novel about life in a small town, but a suitable plot never developed in my head. It wasn’t until after experiencing life in a new environment before a great story took shape. Past memories and other ideas from my early years eventually surfaced and jelled into my second novel, ‘The Long Way Around.'

My third book is still in the developmental stages. Time is always a factor, but like before, as the storyline forms in my mind, the internal drive of a writer will gradually take over and the chapter count will start adding up. I’ll keep my readers informed of its progress,” he promises. Besides writing, Douglas enjoys taking short trips with his wife and daughter, long walks with his Wheaton Terrier on the Croatian forest trails, and working in his fruit tree orchard.

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