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My latest releases

Into Hell’s Fire
A deadly game played in Sarajevo

Into Hell's Fire's astounding success allowed the novel to be chosen to be translated in the Croatian language by the Croatian publishing company VF Libris.
The translated title is called 'Kroz Vatre Paklene'  and can be read for free at all major libraries in Croatia.

The Long Way Around
A journey of inspiration set in rural Iowa

2020 INCIPERE AWARD Writing Contest - 2nd Place Winner
Author Douglas Cavanaugh is pleased to announce The Long Way Around has won Second Place in the Adventure/Clean category of Entrada Publishing's 2020 Incipere Writing Contest


“Great Read For Readers of All Genres”

“For me to enjoy a book, I am looking for likeable characters, interesting and relatable storylines, and unique and challenging situations. This book has all of that which explains why I read it in three days. I highly recommend this book.”

“Do yourself a favor, read this book!”

“ I found this book to be an incredibly fun read and managed to finish it in a short weekend. The author displays wonderful pacing leading up to a climatic ending that begs for more. I hope for a squeal, as I'm sure you will too! ”

Ryan Steck (The Real Book Spy)
“Hold on and hold onto your breath!”

“ Cavanaugh brings you in to a world of fiction that is startlingly real - especially for those who experiened the Balkans and heard stories about the Balkan history. A great read, an easy read and a heart-breaking story of triumph. ”


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